Update # 3


My website will be used as the central hub for most of my content. One way or another. It’s time to shift gears. I thank the Gods for my ability to recommit and grow my goals.

About this specific podcast update

New goals. New beginnings. Never still. Always forward.



Upload # 1 – Get Listing!

Notice! Since I had some issues uploading the 1st episode to WordPress and a few other sites, I’m going to change the process over time. This is a constant work in progress so I’ll do small tweaks here and there with 2 goals in mind, 1. keep it at a standard that I want which is relatively low, but I have a set framework for specific details. And 2. Make sure the changes I make can become a system so that speed and efficiency always is the goal while always having the standard of 1. in mind.

Preparing to resell locally here in Sweden. Learning about reselling and using different strats that resellers and entrepreneurs use on Ebay that I can use with other sites and services. 10konthebay on Youtube.

The media player isn’t working as intented. R.I.P.

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