Here’s a list of different sites, services and tools I’ve used over the years to practice for future use. Every single persona has been a way for me to learn different things of interest while lowering the stakes. They’ve also given me the opportunity to go all in on them. For good or bad. I’ve learned important lessons thanks to using them. And they’re something I’ll keep on using from time to time in the future. My projects are sorted in to lists.


Most important projects

Instagram | Kudamtema
Twitter | Kudamtema


Sleeping projects

Facebook | Page Kuda Mtemas Värld
Youtube | Kuda Mtema
Twitter | Grayz
Youtube | Grayz
Youtube | psyensou
Blog/Podcast Twitter | Woworgold
Blog/Podcast Twitter ClashforGold
Twitch TV | Grayz
Blogger | WoW or Gold
Myspace | psyence
Soundclick | psyence